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Whether you're looking for an efficient weekend getaway, hunting/fishing lodge, rental cabins, or even affordable full-time living (where allowed,) Campfire Homes can provide you with customized tiny housing solutions. Browse through our site to learn more about us and tiny houses and please contact us if you have questions.




This home is very similar to our original model, just a couple feet longer and without the half-porch on the end. We built it for a client to use as a rental cabin and can't wait to see it set up on its permanent home.

It has a sleeping area in the loft; full bath, TV, electric fireplace, two-burner cooktop, convection microwave, compact refrigerator, mini-split HVAC, and tankless LP water heater.

With towable models, each 8.5' wide and ranging in length from 20' to 32', there is a tiny house to fit almost anyone's needs. Efficient use of interior space maximizes utility. Larger models (24' and up) can have main level bedrooms and all models have optional end porches. A choice of roof colors and various upgrades (such as skylights) allow you to further customize your home. You can almost think of it as a "Sport Utility House."

Want something larger and more permanent? How about a 400sf park model? Check out our Designs page for several floor plans you can customize or feel free to come with your own pencil sketch and we can work to make it a reality. 

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