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So, what are you getting with your Campfire Home? While compact, each home is made to the same standards as a traditional stick-built home. Regardless of your planned use, we build them as if they will be your full time residence. Read the following sections to learn more about our houses.


Built on a custom frame that includes its own braking system, Towable homes have 4" of rigid foam providing an R-22 insulation value beneath the floor. Larger homes have thicker fiberglass insulation.


We plan your tiny house wiring to be upgrade friendly. It is wired for television, and a number of upgrades are available for in-wall speakers, USB ports, etc...


Walls and the ceiling are fully insulated (R-value depends on model.) Standard roofs are metal with a choice of many different colors. Outside, siding with your choice of stain color is standard.


We design your tiny house to maximize the use of its interior space with storage areas in places that usually represent dead area. Appliances are all energy efficient, including a tankless water heater.

Your tiny house is compatible with RV Park water/sewer hookups but we can also install a composting system for use when hookups are not available. Pex pipeing is routed for easy access for maintenance and repair.

The windows are energy efficient, double-pane, insulated tempered glass with Argon gas. Vinyl clad is standard, but wood/aluminum windows are optional.

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